• 60% of girls are scared.

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Period Preparation

What's the solution?

Bizzle curates boxes with feminine products and guide books to help young girls prepare for their first menstrual cycle. Though the boxes are really for the girls, their parents also need a guide to discuss the uncomfortable topic of their daughter's first period. Bizzle is the bridge to having an easier, more open conversation and creating a space of encouragement, empowerment, and normalcy.

You can be her hero!

As you read our page,  you may have thought, "My first period experience was awful," taking a trip down memory lane. Or maybe you thought, "I don't even know how to talk about this." You want your daughter to have a better first period experience than the current narrative, and Bizzle can help with that. Together, we can educate her BEFORE it happens so that (at the very least) she will be prepared when it comes. We are here for you, and you can be there for her.