I have been teaching as an elementary music teacher for 4 years. About two and a half years ago, I had a student ask me for a pad in the middle of class. Thankfully, I had one with me. I took her to the hall, as not to embarrass her, and asked if she knew how to use it. Unfortunately, she did not. I was shocked that she didn't know something so essential for her growing up.
Later, I researched and found that over half of girls are unprepared for their first period. Even further, 50% of parents are uncomfortable talking about the subject, and 15% of girls every year will start between the ages of 7-8. To put this into perspective, that's only second grade.
That's when I realized that I needed to teach more than music. I created a box that includes pads, panty liners, tampons, and access to a digital guidebook and tutorial videos. Not only do I want to educate young girls and empower them in their growing womanhood, I also want to make it easier for parents and empower them to talk with their daughters about this wonderful milestone in their life!
Through Bizzle, I aim to eliminate the stigma surrounding periods while creating more conversation around them. It's a natural body function, and it should be a natural conversation. I've had many conversations with many women about their first periods, that their experiences were unpleasant or terrifying. I am passionate about changing the narrative to more positive stories and experiences. A girl's first period only happens once, and it should be a positive memory.
I envision a future where young women are empowered to celebrate their femininity and parents and daughters can embrace their newfound womanhood together.
There is no reason to be afraid :)
With Love,
Jessica Kendrick
Founder of Bizzle