Our Story

As an elementary music teacher, I experience a lot of different situations. One time in particular, I had a 5th grade student ask me for a pad in the middle of class, but she didn't know how to use it. I was surprised that of all the things kids know nowadays that she didn't know something so essential! After doing some research, I discovered that over half of girls are unprepared for their first period and just as many parents are uncomfortable with the topic! 
That's when I realized that I needed to teach more than music. I decided that I would help make the uncomfortable conversation easier! I built a product that will help girls be prepared for their first period while giving parents tools and resources they can use to talk with their daughters about this wonderful milestone in their life!
Bizzle bridges the gap between parents and daughters so that this can be a positive experience and a beautiful memory. There is no reason to be afraid. It's a natural body function, and we're working toward making it a more natural conversation. 
With Love,
Jessica Kendrick
Founder of Bizzle